Why I can’t use the Canon T3i

I picked up a Canon T3i (D600) last year in a bundle deal that dropped the cost of the body to under $500 after I sold off the rest of the bundle.  I was hoping to use it as a backup to my 5DmkII and was excited about the added capabilities like the 1.6 crop and digital crop — giving me a lot more range with my lenses. The T3i has been well-reviewed by many and is a very capable and affordable DSLR for general use.

Unfortunately I shoot mostly in low-light situations and the T3i doesn’t hold up.  Shooting video at ISO 1600 (1/30 sec, f2.8, L lenses) the blacks are noisy and ugly and it just doesn’t intercut with video from my other equipment.  Too bad.  I’ve seen some very good low-light footage shot with this camera but for my purposes it just doesn’t cut it.

I sold it and picked up a Canon HF-G10 prosumer camcorder instead.  It’s pretty great for a sub-$1200 video camera.  More on that later.

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