Faster YouTube Upload Success – Fiber Optic Internet

I have a potential client who needs one-hour HD videos uploaded to YouTube within a very short time window.  After compressing a test video with the Matrox CompressHD card to 720p h.264 with Compressor (45 minutes) the file size was 2.32gb.  Uploading through my Comcast residential connection at about 4Mbps took over 4 hours.

I tried a Comcast business connection which said was uploading at 9.1 Mbps, but that still took almost 3 hours.  I tried at different times of the day but although Speedtest said some upload speeds were faster than others it didn’t make a lot of difference in the time it took to upload.

After an extensive search and posting on several forums for help I finally found a local office building which is home to many non-profit organizations, and which has a fiber optic connection to the internet.  Plus they have free public wi-fi.  The upload speed is still only 9.9 Mbps, but the YouTube upload of the same file took only 38 minutes!

I don’t know why there is such a huge difference in speed.  Is Comcast somehow choking the upload process, or does a fiber optic connection make it faster even at the same upload speed?  More research is needed, but at least now I know I can meet the client’s need for speed.

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  1. I don’t know much about Comcast but I know Charter here slows down after a few seconds of uploading, plus cable shares bandwidth among an unknown number of subscribers so you’re actual throughput can vary from moment to moment. Fibre is a constant one-to-one connection with you and your providers substation. I do voice-over work (and some video editing) almost exclusively remotely. I really miss the 25mbps down AND UP I had with fibre in RI when I lived there. That was so fast I occasionally sent full broadcast WAV files instead of MP3s to clients without realizing my mistake before the file was already uploaded. I’m not a fan of Verizon as a company or their customer service but their fibre rocks!

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