Hacked and Fixed

This blog was hacked last month.  Google said it was blocked because of malware.  I never heard of this before, but I downloaded the files and checked them with ClamXav, a free virus checker, and found that 673 out of 1670 files were infected with something called Trojan.PHP-33.  The support desk at Bluehost where my website is hosted suggested using a malware scanning service to help clean out the bad code.  I decided to contact wewatchyourwebsite.com since it got some good reviews and was considerably cheaper than the alternatives.

Thomas J. Raef at We Watch Your Website had the site cleaned up in one day and now we’re back up and running.  The service monitors the site and will clean it as many times as necessary.  I also installed the anti-malware plug-in Anti-Malware by ELI (Get Off Malicious Scripts) on WordPress to prevent re-infection.  Finally, I contacted Google to unblock the site and it was cleared in a few hours.  All in all it was a pain to deal with.  I’m not sure why anyone would want to hack this little blog, but I hear that it’s pretty common.  I’m glad I was able to get rid of it.   If you are using WordPress I’d suggest at least installing the Anti-Malware plug-in, and subscribe to We Watch Your Website if you want to be proactive.

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