Canon EOS 70D – Noise Test to ISO 12800

I picked up a Canon EOS 70D body to see if it would work for shooting video of musical performances.  I was a little wary of the APS-C sensor, since my previous bad experience with the Canon T3i.  But the promise of Live View continuous autofocus, touch screen and face detection on the 70D was enticing, so I’m trying it out.  Preliminary tests are very good, with the camera locking onto a face and following it as it moves.  Just what I need for stage work.

To check what the native ISO is on this camera, I did a test of the noise generated by the sensor itself.  I also wanted to see the nature of the noise at high-ISO settings.  Here’s the test (it’s best viewed at full screen at 1080p):

Noise looks good at the ISO 160 and multiples, like with previous Canon DSLRs.  The noise pattern is more noticeable than on a full-frame, but we’ll have to see how it shoots and intercuts in actual use.  More to come.

Notes:  Shot with body cap on at 1/60 sec, 1920 30 IPB. High ISO Noise Reduction set to Standard.

The noise has been enhanced in Final Cut Pro 7 with Brightness/Contrast.  Left side shows image as it came from the camera with Brightness boosted +1, Right side  +20.  Contrast -100 on both.


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